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About Sungha Jung (Seongha Jeong (정성하))

The following discusses a child who many call "Guitar Prodigy!" By his real name Jeong Seongha (정성하) (colloquially: Sungha Jung) in his career has produced many videos from amateur video to really recorded in a professional and this kid already collaborated with many famous musicians in many parts of the world. inspired many people including me of course.

Seongha Jeong (정성하) (colloquially: Sungha Jung) (born 2 September 1996) is a South Korean guitarist magic that has risen to fame on YouTube and other sites, mainly through the South Korean audience. Seongha usually takes three days to learn and practice new songs, and video-recording to upload to YouTube. His genre selection is rather broad, as he learns and plays many songs being played on the guitar, so consequently spread across a range of genres.

Seongha has won 13 awards on YouTube, including 6 "# 1" awards. Also on YouTube, Seongha has 38 videos with over one million views. Seongha video with the most views is "Pirates Of The Caribbean", at 15671101 views on 2nd April 2011. Seongha has compiled 18 tracks in February 2011, two of which appear on his album, Perfect Blue. Seongha also conducted jointly with
Mr. Big and a tour with Trace Bundy.

Early Start

In early 2006, at the age of nine years, Sungha Jung started playing guitar after watching his father play. He adopted the fingerstyle technique, in which a guitar string plucked directly with the fingers or a pick attached to his fingers. Precocious fingerstyle guitarist is very famous in Thailand, Germany, Finland and the United States, where he did a five-city tour with fellow fingerstyle guitarist Trace Bundy. Sungha Jung is a certified YouTube star. The video is playing an acoustic version performed songs from U2, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, The Eagles and Extreme has been viewed over 110 million times.

Sungha Jung, who uses a guitar custom guitar Lakewood (German acoustic guitar manufacturer has been sponsoring since January 2009) has received advice from his father what song is suitable to be played, mostly rock or standard guitar.

He's a private guitar lessons and practice two or three hours a day. On weekends, he tries to spend time with his family and occasionally play some gigs. And like any teenager, Jung could not live without his iPod, and marvel at Big Bang's G-Dragon.

Key Facts:
  1. Sungha the Home schooling, because his concert activities to many countries
  2. Sungha has a younger sister, her name Jung Sooha ( 하정) that his age is approximately 11 years
  3. Sungha his father's name: Jung Woochang (우창 )
  4. Sungha his mother's name: Park Eunjoo (박은주)
  5. Sungha had Daum Cafe,
  6. Her café Master: Kevin Cheong Kwonhee ( 권히)
  7. Her café manager: Naiard Hyungseok Seo (형석 )
  8. Sungha personal manager: his father
  9. Sungha tour manager: Dee Kim / Adel
  10. Sungha had a female dog, named Coco. Her kind maltese.
  11. Sungha instrumental play: guitar (of course), Ukulele, Piano, Guitarlele, 12 string guitar, Harp Ukulele, Drums, Electric Guitar, and maybe there's more.
  12. Sungha his guitar brands: Lakewood
  13. Her brand fingerpick Sungha: Alaska Pik
  14. Sungha his guitar string brands: Elixirstrings
  15. Sungha its brand amplifier: AER

"Little" Sungha Jung

Funny Facts:
  1. Sungha is a VIP and Blackjack. She likes the same G Dragon and Park Bom, ^ ^
  2. Sungha like dolphins and sea
  3. Sungha called Coco as her boyfriend while free chat in Allears
  4. Sungha Youtube Channel actually had his father,
  5. Sungha been rumored deket with soloists, Go Younha (고윤하). But it's just a rumor, because it considers Sungha Younha as 'Nuna' or elder sister
  6. Sungha had met with Se7en on Music and Men's Fashion Week 2012
  7. Sungha never met 2ne1 later recording with the song Lonely and I Love You
  8. Sungha ever photo with G Dragon and BIGBANG Alive concert with her friend in Korea
  9. Sungha played his movie title Suicide Forecast, as his sister and pretended Younha paralyzed
  10. Sungha had collaborated with Megan Lee to sing the song Monster by BIGBANG
  11. Sungha been to Indonesia, namely Bali. But just for a walk, not a concert
  12. Sungha like shopping for clothes
  13. Sungha not like beans. Perhaps fear of acne, :D
  14. Sungha never nge tweet G Dragon, and in reply. But only once
  15. Sungha glad to not be able to breathe (: D) because his tweet in reply to GD
  16. Sungha shy but sociable
  17. Sungha inspired to play guitar from his father, but when his father is not professional
  18. Sungha her that people like nervous, especially when beginning her concert in front of many people. His hands up sweating, :O
  19. Sungha more famous in many countries compare in his own country, South Korea
  20. Sungha got a lot of fans of the VIPs and Blackjacks because the cover I Love You Monster and his blaring
  21. Sungha love playing tetris and high-altitude values ​​with his school friend first
  22. Sungha like things are funny and adorable (in my opinion). Because he's too adorable.
  23. Sungha like electronic items are cool, >, <
  24. Sungha been rumored to be in love, and then in a broken heart, : '(
  25. Sungha like playing Angry Birds
  26. Before playing the guitar, Sungha plays piano lessons given by her aunt, but she was not interested
  27. Sungha when prioritizing school English lessons. Because it will be in use when he was a concert to many countries
  28. Sungha inspired to play guitar from his father who played guitar while singing. Sungha plays guitar but not while singing. Do not know why, -__-
  29. Sungha had bags MCM products and always she brought everywhere. Expensive bag, :O
  30. Se7en Sungha ever tweet
  31. 2ne1 Dara Sungha never mentions the 'Sunghwa'
  32. Trace Bundy, the famous guitarist, fall in love (?) Seeing Canon Sungha play his arrangements, and invites Sungha to U.S
  33. Sungha feel, the more it grows the more he sinks his name. Him feel he is more famous small. But she says gini before meeting G Dragon and 2NE1, ^ ^
  34. Sungha ever said 'I Love IndoJSH' because IndoJSH (Sungha fans from Indonesia) making project for Sungha's birthday in 2011. For more info about IndoJSH:
  35. Sungha been jamming dance song U-Kiss to the event at his school
  36. Sungha said during the interview, "I had to grow my skills, not just my age who grew up", Wow: 3
  37. Sungha it stylish. Style of clothing is always okay, (y)
  38. Sungha seems like gems / diamonds, because his blog he "Jshdiamond",
  39. Youtube Channel Sungha've got over 500 million viewers
  40. And 800,000 more subcribers
  41. The first video was uploaded 6 years ago, which is still a great guitar Sungha with his guitar, * oops
  42. Sungha while still small, there is a Sungha thought I could not speak, because it is rarely talked Sungha, Evil T ^ T
  43. Sungha was photogenic
  44. Narsha Sungha ever collaboration with the song - I'm In Love
  45. And lastly, Sungha like head in if photographed with others. Just be careful you are going to take pictures with Sungha, he might suck your sciences, * lol


Not to forget, Sungha jung also has 1 album called Irony, in which there are 14 songs played with fingerstyle genre Solo Guitar (Acoustic Guitar) is her title song:

·         For You
·         Irony
·         Been Already a Year
·         Fly Like the Wind
·         Waterfall
·         They Do not Care About Us
·         Fragile
·         The Winner Takes It All
·         Songbird
·         Farewell
·         Tree in the Water
·         Beat It
·         River Flows in You
·         Lonely

Source: from various sources


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