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Oi! means hello in a cockney accent in English. Oi! music began in the late '70s after the emergence of Punk Rock. When the first wave of punk attack, such as Sham69 band, The Business, Cock Sparrer and already singing about living on the streets while trying to start the Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The Uk". Then reality starts punk or street punk with Sparrer and Sham 69, as well as Slaughter and The Dogs also Menace.

Oi! is music for all and everyone who walked in the streets and look low on the elite may be associated with Oi!. Everyone who works all day as a slave wages can be attributed to Oi!. All those who always felt different, can also be connected with Oi!. Music Oi! no distinction as to race, color, and trust. "Oi! Music is about having a laugh and having a say, plain and simple ...."

When the '80s punk rock attack and get a new breath, Oi! become a solid part of the movement, which was introduced by Garry Bushell, Sounds writer, music papers in the UK. Garry believes that punk rock was the music of protest and collect all the street punk band under the banner of Oi! such as The Business, The 4-skins, The Burial, Combat 84, Infariot, and Last Resort Scene Punk stormed the reality of their kind. Like the motto of Last Resort, "No Mess,
No Fuse, just Pure Impact!"
Music Oi! began to fade in the late 80's. And in America, is a hardcore music heard by Skinhead. It can be said that music Oi! Skinhead is not only the music.

Oi and Racism

The first people to hear Oi! certainly synonymous with Skinhead, skinhead while synonymous with racism. So the misunderstandings that arise, Oi! music is racist. The culture began with the influx of Jamaican immigrants to Britain. How to dress skinhead adopted from Rude boys (remember Ska) and the Mods, but with a more Tough and Rough. Real skinheads are not racist, but the image will be abused by the right skinhead Neo-Nazi hard to create a character. but actually that was not a racist skinhead, and needs to know that the image is indeed true skinhead hard does not mean racism.


The lyrics of the Oi! tend to talk about anti-rasis/fasis, life as a skinhead, protest, football, beer, and a bit of violence! do not forget some Cock Sparrer song tells the story of LOVE. please check. The addition of music listeners also Skinhead Punks, Rude boys, Mods, and Herberts. What is meant by Herberts are people who like the Oi! but not skinheads or punks. They are just ordinary people who love to Oi!.

Oi in Indonesia

In Bandung, Oi! begins mid-90s beginning with Runtah. When there is a boom in the Indonesian Ska, Skinhead popping up a lot, whether they are just poseurs, or a trendy wankers itselfs true skinhead. Along with the "dead" ska trend because it is devastating hit by a major label, then disappeared also the Skinheads. But remember, any loss of a trend not mean losing subculture that created or carried away by the trend. Although a little, but Skinhead in Indonesia, especially in Bandung still going strong and getting bigger. There are few organizations in the world Skinhead into Indonesia. Among other is Red and Anarchist Skinheads Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Even his own Neo-Nazi Skinheads in the country such as Indonesia's skin color. Racist Skinhead handful is seen in Bandung and Jakarta. In Yogyakarta, the Skinheads are generally already understand the origin of this sub culture. In Yogyakarta, some skinhead bands playing ska than Oi! and Hardcore.

Until now a lot of bands Oi! in Bandung, such Haircuts, Rentenir, Battle 98, The Real Enemy, Sanfranskins, One Voice, OppressionHead, Virgin Oi!, WFC kids and much more. Because of Racist Skinheads wave that began troubling the few non-racist skinheads and anti-racists from some band Oi! in Bandung, made ​​a band called Combat 34 was very anti-racist, this is the band name to ridicule in Jakarta racist skinhead who called themselves COMBAT 18 Indonesia, their songs tell of what use is so racist in Indonesia, an invitation to fight for the racist skinhead, and of course also about football, fights in the street, with their motto "Sometimes Anti-Social but Always Anti-Racist". Bands had already released several compilations and mini albums under the auspices of the United Races Records. Skinheads in London is often seen in workers Miramar store on the ground floor of the building near Palaguna. Now Gd. Miramar is gone, and we can meet them at the BS, SI, ANN, also in PI (Pasar Induk: the name for the first mall in Bandung) located behind the mall Bandung Indah Plaza.

Do not forget the university town, Yogyakarta, here there are many band2 Oi! / Streetpunk, they each have different characteristics between the band, like Captain Oi!, Sardonic, Elang Bondol, Selokan Mataram, Bala Nusantara and many more, in addition to many had dispersed, some of the band under the auspices Realino Records, Ruckson Music (owned by one of the personnel Dom 65), Unite n Strong. skinheads in Yogyakarta can be found in the area of Mataram and the Monument Circle K near Diponegoro street. There are some good full album or compilation that has been circulating. Some of them tried to make their own clothes, adapted from polo shirts fred perry.

In Jakarta, skinhead scene is quite well developed. We can see a lot of skinheads in around the city. Ranging from Trad Skins, SHARP Skins, until there was a racist. Oi bands! from Jakarta include The End, Anti-Squad, Garuda Botak, the Gross and others.

Similarly, in Denpasar Bali, so the rapidly growing skinhead community, is evidenced by the emergence of a band Oi! such as The Resistance, Paku 5, Metro Mini, Bootbois, The Stomper, The BOiS and many more. Currently in Denpasar skinhead community centered on a place in the area anyhow Imam Bonjol street is a cafe owner named that by having a sense SKINET NETWORK Skinhead, skinhead is where the community gathered in Bali.

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